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    NACKS Successfully Delivered the World’s First Oil Tanker with CybR-G Cyber Security Notation
    Date:2021-12-17  Num.:

    On November 8, the world’s first 310,000DWT VLCC with CybR-G cyber security notation granted by NK was completed and delivered. This ship was built by NACKS for overseas ship owners. Its completion marks a solid step taken by our company in terms of cyber security for newbuilding.

    When starting design of this new ship two years ago, NACKS actively communicated with NK regarding cyber security. Subsequently, NK officially issued the Guidelines for Designing Cyber Security Onboard Ships. Since there were only general guidance and recommendations for ship cyber security design worldwide, and it was also the first time for NK to issue cyber security related specification; therefore, the classification society, shipyards and manufacturers lacked relevant experience. Under the adverse situation that the global epidemic continues to worsen, it is difficult to carry out technical exchanges. In order to ensure the smooth progress of design and construction, the Technical Department of NACKS carefully studied the specification, repeatedly discussed and demonstrated with experts from NK and related manufacturers via video conferences, emails, telephones, etc., took the lead in guiding the manufacturers to complete the relevant drawings required by the classification society, and finally completed the real ship verification according to the standard test plan, making this 310,000DWT VLCC the world’s first ship to meet the NK Guidelines for Designing Cyber Security Onboard Ships and the ship to successfully obtain the NK CybR-G cyber security notation.

    Based on control network (OT) and information network (IT), with the highest purpose of ensuring navigation safety, CybR-G cyber security notation covers all equipment with computer basic system on board. Through rigorous review, evaluation and on-site inspection, the design related to the ship cyber security is rule-based, and the level of construction of ship cyber system and the capability to defend against threats are improved in a comprehensive and effective manner.

    In 2021, the International Maritime Organization has included cyber security issues in the regular maintenance system and security management system, provided detailed recommendations on the identification and management of maritime cyber risks, and put forward specific guidance requirements for the onboard computer system design security standards, to ensure the stability of ship network environment.

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